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DM cultivated the first palm oil plantation in Terengganu in 1965 and developed it to 35,000 acres site over the years. As palm oil grew to become Malaysia's golden crop and the country became the largest single producer of palm oil in the world, the company began to invest more in manpower, equipment and infrastructure development. Advanced management and planting techniques were also introduced to obtain maximum benefit from this crop which is fast becoming known the world over as a natural, nutritious wholesome food.

As of March 1997, TDM is actively managing a total of approximately 7,000 acres of land owned by state agencies in Terengganu form palm oil plantation.

Besides Terengganu, the company is looking to cultivate palm oil fields in Sabah, Sarawak and even neighboring countries with the strength and skills of our experienced management team.

In late 1997, TDM has successfully completed the process of acquiring another palm oil plantation company with 50,000 acres of land.

Hence as of late 1998, TDM owns approximately 64,548 acres of plantation and manages approximately 15,656 acres of the sub-lessees and various state agencies.




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